The Humble Heart Knows

Take nobody´s word for it. Study it up for yourself. If we do, we will see that a cocky attitude or a proud position do not lead us to any intimacy with God. Those who truly want to know Him are the ones who know they need Him as their lives depend on it. The soul who is just dying to come into contact with the Holy Spirit is the one who has found him or herself empty and insufficient. The ones who leave their comfort zone and set out to find their Savior are the ones who found no comfort in the zone they were in before. We each have the blessed promise of having the Father, the Son, and the Spirit to lean on, set our hope in, and walk with. What remains is for something in us that will stir us enough to press forward until we have made good of that promise. It may not be preached much these days, but the ancient truths are still worth our trust. So, let us all empty ourselves until we know we need our Savior. Then, from that humble beginning, we can learn to take each step with the Lord. Before long, we will realize that all the while we have been walking with our God.


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