Like a Bride

I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared like a bride adorned for her husband.  Revelation 21:2  WEB

It was not the biggest wedding. There were only a few friends and immediate family members there. It was not an elaborately adorned church, but an old hall of an older chapel. The dress was not the most expensive one from a shop window or fancy catalog. She had had it made from a roll of fabric without all the frills. But when she stepped into the room, her groom´s heart skipped a beat. He was amazed all over again that she had chosen to be his bride. She was the most beautiful thing to him and his heart still goes out to her, his bride! Do we know that we have been called to be a part of a wedding ceremony where the bride and the Groom will be united forever?

The Bible tells us to look forward to a very special ceremony. It is sure because it was promised to us by the One who made us, redeemed us, and calls us to Him to live in His embrace forever. He and His love are unending. We are invited to be part of those who believe, the bride, that will be clothed in His righteousness and wed with Him one day. It will be a beautiful ceremony and we surely do not want to miss it. If we can get our hopes up enough to be one of those who will be called the Bride of the Lord, we might just seek to have the kind of relationship with Him that will assure our place in that wedding. Let´s let our hearts go out to God in such a way that we will be given to the Savior someday, adorned and prepared like a bride to be united with Him, and never be parted again!

Dear Lord,

Prepare the wedding. And please, let our hearts be prepared too so that we will be included in the company that will be called Your bride. Wash us and dress us in Your righteousness, we pray!



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