The Way to Walk

So many times we wish we were stronger or smarter so that we could find a way to deal with the situations that we face. Those who will try to shoulder all that by themselves will feel the crushing weight of many tasks that are too much for us. The humble souls who drop to their knees in the face of their trials can be the ones who in the end find the strength and the wisdom that they needed. But, it will not be their own. They will find all they need in the strength and wisdom of God. It is a blessed exchange. It relieves the suffering heart to walk alongside the One who truly is strong and wise enough to handle this and anything else. The closer we walk with Christ, the more the Holy Spirit fills us. The more of the wondrous and mysterious Spirit that pours into us, the more of God´s wisdom and power is at work in our lives and surroundings. Just pick up any Bible and we can read of the mighty ways in which God was able to reach out and take men and women like us through situations more impossible even than our own. So, let our troubles weigh us all the way down to our knees and we will be stronger and wiser than we have ever been before we came to the Lord.


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