Leaving The Comfort Zone

It can be a very scary deal to step out of our familiar territory where we feel comfortable. We spend up our lives trying to make it to a place in life where we know what to do, how to do it, and when. But the call of the Christian is something quite the contrary. Even though we are promised so many wonderful blessings and a secure future, our path through this life will most probably be a much more rocky road. Evil is gaining strength and will not tolerate us abandoning our love for the world and the worldly ways. Looking to Christ sets us up as targets and deserters. If we are to find our Savior and learn to walk with Him, we will have to deliberately choose to distance ourselves from our former earthly desires. We will leave behind all that those around us count on and yearn for. Our hearts will yearn for the Lord more and to be true to our soul, we will step recklessly forward to face the fury of the winds that blow against us. The blessings promised from above will strengthen our faith and our hope, but we will still have to step out of the wide and easy path. Blessed are those few who are willing to face the storm to seek their home with the Lord. Blessed are those who have found that an easy life here will never gain them the prize of gazing on the face of our God forever!


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