Pain to Gain

It is right for a loving father to correct his children when they are not behaving well. God tells us in the Bible that He will do this for us out of love so that we will grow up in His Way and become mature in faith. It is equally true that when we choose God over this wayward world, we will step into harm´s way by shouldering our own cross. Evil has always persecuted good and we will be made to suffer somehow if we choose to follow Christ when the darker powers do not like it. The normal pains of life will also come to each of us. These are things like sickness, loss or separation, financial issues, and so on. These can weigh on us like a cross or punishment but they do not mean that we were in the right or the wrong. Every way that we are made to suffer can either injure us or help us. If through our pain we can draw nearer to our Savior, then the pain is worth it. If our pain sets us against the Lord or turns our hearts further towards looking at ourselves and not looking to Him, then it will not do us any good at all. We would do well to strive to see that all things make our walk with God more urgent and more personal. Let us take every opportunity that our suffering may teach us to lean harder on the shoulder of the Lord and grow closer to Him!


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