Into God´s Hands

Turning over our lives into God´s hands for His care is when we finally place them where they will be safe. Some people may try to tell us that it is an insult to our intelligence to place all of our hope in a God we cannot see. But that same God has gone to great lengths to show us that He is more than worthy of our love and has had nothing but our eternal wellbeing in store for us. God is working in mighty ways to preserve us all and assure us of our chances to live with Him forever. He loved us enough to suffer insult and loss of life to save those who would appreciate His gesture of love. He works unaware to us to care for us all the while, even when we think we are the ones who control all the elements of our lives. To swallow our pride and let Him be who He says He is will take the pressure off of us. We won´t have to know how to navigate the dangers we face as beings with the spark of life in us. The moment we place our hope in Him, He can, at last, start showing us how much knowing Him can mean to us. We do not have to fear giving it all to God! Whatever we truly place in His care will always be right where it should be!


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