To Adore The Lord

We may start with a sentiment of belief when we first turn to God. But as we climb higher on the path that leads Home to Glory, we pass many important steps. Faith grows as we learn to trust the Lord. Love begins as hardly detectable and steadily increases the closer we come to Him. Wonder starts and works as a catalyst for each other element of our worship and may increase to unmeasurable heights as we learn more of our limitless God. Gratefulness starts with the faintest hint of thanksgiving and increases until it threatens to suffocate us with a crushing burden. It throws us further upon Christ for His help in supporting the weight of it. And, each element together slowly strengthens into raptured adoration The easy words we use to say we belong to God turn into precious gems that have each been tried, tested, and refined in the fire. Those who press on in their pursuit of God are those who truly reach the marvelous heights of worship and have learned to adore Him. The rest of us are still mere fledglings!


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