Claims Or…

The whole concept of being a Christian these days has been attacked by dark and devious powers. We have been subjected to trickery that has sworn to leave few or none who truly come to belong to God. Without even suspecting it, many people follow the crowd never imagining that what they are doing as Christians is not what will assure them of a life forever with Him. We use the same texts to congratulate ourselves on being Christians, meanwhile completely misunderstanding their spiritual nature. When we should be driven to our knees and focusing our lives on real communication with the Lord, we instead sit back with a smug smile on our faith and let our hearts feel proud of our declarations of faith. Sometimes we are so sure about our intellectual agreeance with a doctrine, that we never use that doctrine to move us into a personal encounter with our Savior. Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit are all holding out their hands to us to enter into the sweetest and most intimate relationship with us. Will we claim that we already have all that we need of the Lord, or will we go through whatever pains we need to to make our walk with Him our greatest priority?


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