How Far?

Those who care enough to study into it will see how precise God´s planning and wisdom have been put into bringing us to where we are today. Not only is it amazing, that He made such amazing creatures and our mind-blowing universe, but He invested Himself personally in redeeming us unto Him. Looking back at all that He has ever done for us should fill us with gratitude. It should not be hard to love One who has loved us to such an extent. We should also find it easy to trust Christ with our hearts, our trust, and our futures. But instead of being satisfied merely by God´s gestures towards us for our well-being, we could press forward to find where the blessings all lead us. All that God is and has done was to bring us into intimate contact with Him. It should all lead us, no, drive us, into seeking the special walk with Him that He has sought first. Like a loving parent, their satisfaction does not only come from knowing that their children fair well. The sweetness comes from engaging in a close and dear relationship. Let us pray with every power within us, that all things pull us nearer to the Lord and more passionately into our walk with our God!


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