Do We Love The Lord?

It is not the common or appealing thing to do these days. Most will brush off the question completely. Not many will even understand why we would drive ourselves into an investigation of our own faith and devotion to God. People may say that it is irrelevant or show us texts from the Bible to prove that the question was solved long ago. Yet the soul who has been touched by the presence of the Lord will not be able to rest so easily. Some of us will need to know so that we do not get this one wrong. Some of us will ache inside to think that we could have placed more importance on our relationship with Christ, and, for some reason, we didn´t. So the humble believer will go to God. We will get down on our knees. We will dive into the scriptures, not to justify ourselves, but to find our Lord there. We will leave the comforts of our homes and world. We will set out on the quest. We will have our faith and our love tested in the trialling fire of experience. We will need desperately to know that our dealings with the Lord are real. We will make ourselves lean upon Him! We will go where we can spend time with Him. We cannot rest until God can come and be with us, in us, and move through us. Oh please Dear Lord, let some of us ask ourselves if we truly do love You today!


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