Saved From Or To

Sometimes we can get all our priorities mixed up. When we do, we might be technically correct in our thinking, only that we are focusing our attention in the wrong direction. God has done so much for us in terms of loving us, forgiving us, paying our pardon, rescuing us, and instructing us. These things should each fill us with so much gratitude and love that we might feel like we cannot contain it all! Yet all that God has done for us was done with our future in mind. He wants what He has done for us to bring us together with Him forever. Instead of looking back at the past, we can look for the new life with Him that His efforts were made to make possible. Now that we are pardoned, we can draw near unto Him. Now that we are saved, we can leave the past behind and begin our intimate walk that will never have to end. Now that we have gained so much from and with our Lord, let us grow our relationship from here! Let us look forward eagerly each day for the joys that we will share now that God is ours and we are finally His! We have an eternity of unlimited discoveries ahead of us in our God! That is a lot to look forward to!


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