The Day Is Coming

Whether we look forward to it or not, the day is swiftly approaching where we will stand to give account for the lives we have. We will either be trembling with love and excitement or, we will be trembling with utter fear. When God inspects us to see what we have done with the grace we were offered, we will stand or fall depending on our relationship with our Savior. Some are working hard now to develop and grow their relationship with the Lord. Others are still hiding from any obligations they might have. They try to forget or downplay how near and real our God is. If we are struggling to know which side we are on, we do not even need to bother asking. Only the ones who are concerned will be the ones wrestling out their answer with the Lord. Let it be us! Let us be the ones who are worried, driven, and intent. Let us strive and pray hard to hear our Savior´s familiar voice. Let us strain to receive reassurance of our intimate walk with Him long before that coming day can surprise us!


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