A Lot To Look Forward To

A lot of thought goes into what a person wants to do with their day, evening, or time off. Each person alive is free to dream of whatever thrills or adventures they will set themselves to when the duties of daily living have been taken care of. Some people enjoy relaxing while others want movement. But the truth is that we all seek something because we sense a desire or a need for it. This is where people who have recognized a call to the Lord are blessed. If God calls us to Him for a rest, we will find that with Him that rest reaches much deeper into our souls and gives us relief on levels that earthly leisure could not provide. Those who chose to go and do are also blessed because their Unseen God can be with them in their endeavors and pursuits. Whatever ground gained is all the sweeter for having shared it with the One we love. Place these priceless benefits to the fact that wherever God is encountered, hearts are sure to be amazed, and we start to see that our relationship with God is the greatest adventure available to mankind. There is no end to the discoveries we can make if we are willing to throw ourselves into a quest to know God more!


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