Tiny Acts Of Kindness

Some people struggle to make themselves do things for other people. Others, it seems, come by it naturally. Whatever the case is for us, if we believe in Jesus Christ, His great heart should stir in ours. We could not call ourselves Christians if we do not want to become like Him. If we are unable or unwilling to care for others, then we should not bother further with religion or continue to give it a bad name. God is love. His Son came to us preaching that love. He let men with stubborn minds and hard hearts put Him to death out of the greatest expression of love we have ever seen. As Christ stooped down to touch and heal the sick, we should stop in our tracks too. We should be moved by the compassion of our Lord and seek to have His Spirit in us. The humble souls who have learned this secret and were open to care for others are the jewels that sparkle the crown of God. These precious souls do kind and unselfish things all through their day as the Spirit moves their hearts. The world may not see or recognize them for their sacrifices or offerings. But their Lord sees all and knows their hearts. We should pray to become one of God´s priceless hearts that go out to others who are in need! It will show Him that we are truly His!


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