Run To God

Every once in a while we may have a moment where we realize that there is some distance between our Lord and us. Sometimes we wander away from God because of the distractions we face in our busy lives. Sometimes we are already walking closely with our Savior, but because our awareness is heightened by our intimate dealings with Him, we become acutely aware that we could grow closer still. Whenever and however we are awakened to a need to strengthen our ties to God, our response should be quick. We could all learn to drop what we are doing and make more of our relationship with our Lord. The better we become in connecting with the Holy Spirit, the more He can do for, in, and through us. The people like us who walked the closest with God, walked through fire, over water, weathered storms, and experienced miracles untold. The truth about the limitless power and wisdom of God will only be revealed or shared with those who do care to grow that close to Him! Let us do whatever we can today to be the kind of people who will not accept any distance between us and our Lord! Let us run to Him anytime and every time we can!


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