No Shortcuts

Gone are the days when men and women were taught to work out their relationship with God through tears and personal sacrifice. We used to be taught that if we wanted something bad enough, we should get off our butts and work hard to see that our goal was gained. Nowadays though, people seem to think that everything they want is owed to them and they try to bring this notion into our spiritual health. The problem, however, has always been with us and our wayward thinking. Nobody will ever get into Heaven just because they demanded it. No one will get there because of some convenient text or fancy doctrinal belief. Each and every one of us will need to see to it personally that we come to know the One we say we want to live with for eternity. Our hearts, our lives, our time, and our desires will all need to be painfully wrenched out of our greedy little hands and sacrificed on the cross of Jesus. We will need to hunger and thirst for our Savior until He is the One who moves in to fill the emptiness inside. Then, when we have found what our souls truly ache for, we will need to learn to walk inseparably with our God each step of every day! There will be no shortcut into Heaven, but the Way can still be found by those who are willing to set themselves to finding Him!


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