Cannot See God

Some people like to say that they are unwilling to let God be who He says He is because we cannot see Him with our eyes. They may say that science can´t prove Him so they will not put their hope in Him either. Hearts that have been hardened against any hope of help they might receive from above will leap at any smooth excuse or clever argument. The problem with being so clever is that our skepticism removes our chances of ever being enlightened. Anyone anywhere who has come into the presence of the Great Unseen will testify to the fact that a true encounter with God will leave a mortal being bewildered and undone. Call it blind faith. Call it hope. Call it anything you want, but if we could set our hearts on coming to know the Lord in real experience, we can then have our chance to bring our questions concerning God directly to Him for answers. One word of warning though, we should be prepared to be thrilled and utterly amazed!


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