Hard To Believe

More and more people today find it difficult to give God the benefit of the doubt. Worldly psychology, scientific thought, and skepticism have all played upon the hearts of mankind until faith in an unseen God will sound strange and antiquated. The Bible that has tried for generations to open our hearts towards God even tells us that this would happen. It talks much about the darker powers gaining strength that would prevent people from finding God and also steal the hope away from those who once clung to it. No matter how hard the opposition is and no matter how strong the argument is that is against believing in a Living God, there will always be some that will refuse to give up their hope. These precious few will have to stand to face the fury of the storm that rages against God and would prevent any would-be believer from ever coming to know Him. They hear the faintest whisper in their hearts that they could come to know Him and are willing to humble themselves. They will seek the face of the Unseen God until He reveals Himself to them. These are the blessed few. They are hearts that ache to experience the Spirit and they will be filled. Oh, what wonders they stand to witness. No scientist, no philosopher, nor any cynic will rob them of their chance to be blown away when God moves into the sphere of their conscious awareness!


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