To Experience God

If someone has told you that you cannot come to know God, they have lied to you. If someone has convinced you that God does not exist, it is because You have not undergone the most amazing experience of your life just yet. Our lack of faith does not mean that we are barred forever from being shown things that we could not imagine. It does not mean that all the supernatural, or miraculous occurrences cannot or will not happen. If ever we will humble ourselves, if ever we will throw up our hands and say, “Lord, I cannot see how, but please show me!” He can begin to stir deep within us. He can begin taking us through the baby steps of faith. Little by little, as our faith and trust in Him grows, He can reveal more of Himself to us. The words, blind faith, will diminish in strength as the Holy Spirit can move more and more visibly in our lives. Moments of enlightenment can and will come more frequently to those who open themselves for them and seek them to press into the presence of God. Those who have had the wondrous experience of being made aware of the presence of God will all encourage those who have yet to be blown away by the unexplainable experience that awaits them!


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