Carried Away

He carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the holy city, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God,  Revelation 21:10  WEB

The car climbed a steep and winding road through the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. As they neared the pass between the peaks the visitors could see where the pine forest ended and could not grow any higher on the slopes. Giant granite boulders and cliffs towered up into the blue sky that was scattered with bright fluffy white clouds. At a small turnout, there was a bit of a lookout over a canyon carved out between the majestic mountains. The family stopped to take in the beauty and take a few pictures. Have we ever paused to contemplate the glory of God and been lifted and carried up in spirit as we enjoyed His wondrous power and beauty?

Those who climb to serene mountain peaks or stop to enjoy amazing views of God´s great creation have most certainly felt the wonderful elation that comes from taking in such beauty. Experiences and sights such as these can lift one´s spirits and fill us with adrenalin. The people who learn to lift their eyes to the Lord can also testify to a similar and even higher sensation of spirit as they have been made aware of His splendor, His love, and His closeness. No other privilege is available to mankind that can compare to that of being allowed into the presence of God. If we have never tried to draw near to the Lord in Spirit, we will never know what it is like. But, if we will embrace the hope that we find in Him, if we will listen for His call, if we would set out on a journey of the soul, then the lofty peaks of knowing God can loom into view for us!

Dear Lord,

Take us in Spirit to places we never imagined could exist. Let our spirits soar as we draw nearer to You each day, we pray!



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