The Goal Worth Seeking

If we want to be rich, everyone knows that we will have to sacrifice many other things to attain it or keep it. If we want to get a degree, we will have to study. Nearly everything worth anything in life requires painful sacrifices and hard work on the part of the one aspiring for that goal. The higher the reward or goal, the more sweat, tears, or effort must be given to reach our goal. Given the nature of our world, we should be able to see that for a human to be made aware of the Unseen God and come into His presence, something will be needed to be done on our end. We may not want to admit that pain should be allowed to exist, but without it, our goal would be lessened and made cheaper by the ease we had in attaining it. God went through more than we can imagine making His goal of bringing us together possible. We should be able to see that we should also be willing to go the distance to win that same prize. So, instead of shying away from pain, struggle, or effort, we should gladly go as far as it takes to reach our highest goal and enter the warm embrace of our Lord and Savior!


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