No Faith

The powerful influences that would congratulate us on being skeptical of God or try to make us incapable of believing in Him not only hurt our chances of being enlightened, but they steal many other benefits from us as well. Instead of the security of knowing that we have a good and loving Heavenly Father, we will have to question every relationship and be on guard in case someone will try to hurt us. Instead of learning from our Savior that sacrificing of ourselves will ultimately bring us closer to the ones we love, we are left to protect ourselves and our interests unless someone else may get the better of us. Instead of having a large family of believers to find comfort and encouragement, we are taught to be suspicious and find our way through this life on our own. Instead of meeting the mysterious and unseen God, we must trust not ever our own eyes, but that of the scientist and philosophers who shape our minds and write their books. And, instead of an endless future full of discoveries of the God who loves us, we are asked to accept our snuffed-out spirits of life and lie quietly decomposing in some forgotten grave. The privilege of saying that no faith may sound good at first, but living through this life with a little hope in God can bring us many benefits that are worth considering!


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