Faith Is Difficult

God will not force us to believe in Him. Instead, He leaves the choice up to us. It is true that certain churches, or church people, may get a kick out of threatening. But what they sell us probably is not a genuine encounter with our Unseen God. God has communicated Himself to us though, and some people will want to hear what He has to say. Religion should be the lofty field where we find ourselves reveling in the presence of God and enjoying our relationship with Him. But sadly it is often sorely struck by the enemy and made to deter many souls from ever seeking that personal contact with the Lord that our hearts really need. We are living in an age where faith in a real and living God is one of the most difficult things to have even though many profess it. But, glory to God in the highest! There are still some who will admit the weight of the argument, but still press on in their search of the Divine. They hear a still small voice calling them where others will not go. These precious souls stand to be illuminated as the Holy Spirit opens their hearts into mind-blowing awareness. The day or moment one is ushered into the presence of God is a day like no other! No earthly experience can match the thrill of standing breathlessly before the Living God and seeing once and for all that He is truly in this place!


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