God Is Truly Good

We err in our thinking when we accuse God of being wrong. A kind of insanity enters us when we try to drag God down to our level and judge Him according to our standards or thinking. He is perfect in all His ways just as we were told. It is our lack of vision and trust that tries to tell us that He could be wrong in His judgments and dealings. Sometimes we are tempted to say that God is unjust to let bad things happen. Our incriminating thoughts only show our ignorance. Or, we are so full of ourselves that we forget to weigh in all the facts. We have to ignore the majority of what is written about God to say that God has not wept over every wayward soul since the beginning of time. He has desired to gather up His children in His arms. He has yearned to keep us from the evils that men turn to. He has desired to fill us with the same kind of love that He feels for us all. But, we have not wanted the same thing. We have ever turned to everything but God. Even those who say they want God, hold themselves back and only ever really seek Him in small amounts that we are comfortable with. We should not be deceived. God is at hand. He would heal anyone willing to be healed. The disease is not His. He is the cure. Only those who want to be healed will come to Him for that healing. Oh, if only more of us would start seeking Him so that He can!


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