The wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them twelve names of the twelve Apostles of the Lamb.  Revelation 21:14  WEB

The town was situated near the mouth of a big river that dumped into the sea. It was a good destination for holidaymakers who liked to spend their days on the wide sandy beaches. One year, however, the storms changed the coastline slightly. Some of the busy beach bars were in danger of being washed away. The city paid to have sand brought in and mounted up to try to stop the coastline from being eaten away. But, the steady rise and fall of the tides and the constant beat of the waves only washed the sandy foundations back into the sea. Do we ever consider the foundations we count on in life?

A glimpse is given in the book of Revelation of God´s shining city. It is where the people of God will find their dwelling place when God´s plan of redemption is fulfilled. The description given for this mystical city shows that it has been measured carefully and its foundations perfectly calculated and firmly set. God is making ready this Home where the Lamb can spend eternity with those that are truly His. We can be among those that will be called unto Him. Our hope can be founded in the same things that God´s eternal city is. God wants us each to belong to His Son and to choose to live with Him always. This hope is something that we can cultivate now if we would like to know the joy and blessings that will come to those who want to be with Him forever. Let us work with the Spirit of the Lord today so that the foundations we lay will be the kind that will last!

Dear Lord,

Let us work out our future with You now. Help us ground our hope and our faith in our walk with You. Teach us of Your great plan of salvation while there is still time, we pray!



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