Modern Intelligence

The modern way of thinking now is to look down on those who look up to God and the ones who thank Him for the good things in this life. This new line of thought boasts of higher levels of intelligence but if we look closer we might not find so many good benefits from our cleverness. First of all, the notion that we are smart enough to know that there is no God, is not a great cerebral achievement that we have come up with on our own. Way back to the most ancient accounts humans have been tempted to lower the level of God´s wisdom and ways, and lift theirs above His. Another thing we might want to consider is that if God really does exist and for some reason, the awareness of that fact is hidden from us, we become guilty of insulting every gesture on His part that He has made to try and reach out to us. It places us in the awkward position of pointing accusing fingers at the very Being that has lovingly formed us and caringly sustained not only us but every other wayward soul that has ever existed. Before we attack God and place ourselves at odds with Him, we might want to take a more intelligent course and leave some room for Him to move into the area of our conscious awareness. We might find Him to be a lot better than we had imagined and closer than we thought!


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