Heaven´s Reward

The whole point of being a Christian is to tie ourselves to God somehow in the hopes of arriving at what He has expressed to us as our final reward. We are fed with the hopes of reaching Heaven´s beautiful shore and entering the presence of God for the rest of eternity. Inadequate teachings may stir some people to desire to go to heaven merely to exchange these dirty streets for ones of gold. But the real worth that Heaven holds is that it is where God is. Finally, after a long and difficult struggle, certain pilgrims will be ushered into the throne room of God. They will be granted entrance to the wedding feast of Christ. The joy cannot and will not come from the decoration nor the monetary value of the wedding hall. In fact, there may not be any hall at all! All we know is that God will be there and that some of us will find ourselves made worthy enough to come into His presence without being burned up in an instant from our lack of righteousness. If we could be enlightened only slightly as to the unimaginable size and power of God, then we may begin to understand just what privilege will come to those who seek to be made worthy of meeting the King of Kings one day!


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