Decieved Into Contentment

Every human being alive runs the risk of losing the close and intimate relationship God has intended on having with them. Our obligation to God was never intended to be just a declaration of believing in Him on a day when we were particularly stricken by conviction. Our dealings with God are like our dealings with other people in that if we value our relationship with them, we invest in that relationship. We should remember that God is Spirit, He sees into our hearts. So, no matter what we say about Him, He knows how we truly feel even better than we do. We lie to ourselves if we say we love God but are unwilling to steal any of the time we usually have for ourselves and refuse to seek Him with it. The Christian who really loves Christ is the one who is seeking Him actively. If we cannot get worked up about our relationship with the Lord, then we certainly will not have much of a relationship with Him. If our love for the Savior does not drive us to grow closer to Him, then it is not what it could be. If we do not hunger and thirst after the Holy Spirit and go out of our way to be filled, then He will not live in us. Disbelief is an enemy to the children of the earth, but Christians should be on their guard against losing their desire for more of the Lord!


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