Let God Know

Moms know their children. And we know the joy that spreads across the face of our mother when we tell her how much we love her. We should remember that our Heavenly Father has nurtured us from the very beginning. He has guided us and cared for us all along. When His children come looking for Him, when they run into His outstretched arms, He loves it. Some of us give Him a few minutes a day. Some set aside a few hours at the weekend. Some do more and many others do less. God knows the deepest secrets of our hearts. So, if we think we love our God, we should go out of our way to show Him. We could cultivate our love for Him by spending as many sweet moments with Him as we can. We could talk to Him every chance we get and seek out more moments all the time to run to Him. Besides our set prayer times, we could sneak in short conversations with Him until we seem to be communing with Him all day long. Far beyond just telling our Heavenly Father that we appreciate what He has done for us, why don´t we press on until He can feel our love pouring over Him! Let´s take the time, let´s make the effort, and let´s see where our relationship with God can take us today!


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