Hearts To Be Filled

The infinite God who has done so much to communicate Himself to us humans and bring us ultimately close to Him forever, also has more desire than we can imagine, to fill us with His life-giving Spirit. The Holy Spirit has been promised to us by the Son of God Himself as a Helper and a Guide. He is to lift us high above our limited capabilities in spiritual and moral areas and bring us ever closer to the Lord. There have been spectacular examples of the Holy Spirit filling the hearts of men and women and moving in miraculous ways. And, for those of us who are open to such lofty thoughts, we too could be filled. It is or should be, every Christian’s mission in life to be filled with the Holy Spirit because without Him working in and around us, we cannot know God. Many teachers nowadays place all the emphasis on the initial act or declaration of belief in Christ. But few go on to show us that we demonstrate our newfound belief by seeking interaction from then on with the Lord. This is where the Holy Spirit is needed. He can take us and lead each step in our upward journey of faith as we come to know and explore the riches of our Unseen God. He has called us. He created us to be with Him. Now, those who care, let us turn our hearts to the Savior and tune them to the mysterious work of the Holy Spirit in a way that shows God that we want Him in us too!


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