Where To Go Today

From the very first thoughts we have in the morning, we direct the paths we will follow as we travel through that day. We choose what to think about or even if we want to think at all. We can focus our time and energy on this thing or that. And, that attention we give to our thoughts will determine what we get out of that day. This is where thoughts of God are so good for us. They connect us to the Giver of Life, our Redeemer, and the One who loves us enough to have given His all for us. Our thoughts can lead us into prayer and into a conversation that can continue longer than just the time we are on our knees. The more we think of God, the more we turn to Him, the bigger part He can play in our day. We could, and often do turn only to God when we have tried everything else on our own and finally realized we are helplessly stuck. Or we could make an effort to bring Him into our day as an intricate and active part. Walking through our day with the Savior of Our Souls makes the impossible mysteriously possible. When we are this in tune with the Lord, He can help us with the precise strength or wisdom we need in every given moment. When we are enveloped in our relationship with Christ, we often find that we are helping those around us without even knowing it! And, when we find ourselves in need of Him, He is there, close by our side. Walking intimately with the Lord strengthens the bond we have with Him and makes it possible to share that sweet privilege throughout the countless tomorrows to come!


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