With Intention

Now not everyone will go that far. Not every professed believer will press on until they break through into the presence of God in a real living experience. But those who do, those who have sought Him and His presence that intently, will testify. They know what it is like to stand breathlessly before the Throne of Grace! These pilgrims have not shied away from the tough journey of the soul. They have wrestled and persevered. They have left their comfort zone that so many of us are not willing to leave to go to where we can meet our Maker. Even devoted Christians have been too preoccupied with the Christian life or the more correct doctrines to seek the Holy Spirit out and come to know Him personally. We were way too comfortable on our cozy benches or trenched down safely behind friendly lines. It takes an adventurous spirit. It takes hope that we can arrive at something higher than what we see around us. It takes a dream that mortals can approach the immortal and righteous God. It takes a firm grip on the hand of our Savior and Guide. But if we do resist the urge to conform, if we do fight off our tendency to relax, an inexplicably bright Light awaits us. Step forward, and enter that Light, and our lives will be forever changed! Let us go after an inheritance like nothing in this entire world! Let´s go to God today to truly be with Him! We won´t be sorry we did!


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