Relationship Improved

Those who believe in God and say we love Him should always remember to work on our relationship with Him. Too often we let other concerns sneak in and crowd out our need to be close to the Lord. Too many times we grow comfortable in the decisions we have made or the progress we made in our religious experience, and forget that a relationship is a vibrant and growing thing. If we do not work at our communication with Christ, our growth is stunted. If we stop trying to make more of our walk with God and stop trying to ascend to a higher level of intimacy with Him, then we waste precious time and miss out on the greater discoveries of Him. Let us take every advantage that today may bring to step closer to our God and make our walk with Him sweeter. The more we spend of ourselves and our time on seeking the Spirit of God, the more of that Spirit will be moving in our lives! By improving our relationship with the Divine we improve our chances of seeing His will done today and always. By growing closer to Christ we step closer to the Father and let more of the Holy Spirit into our hearts to move freely and ever more powerfully. So let us kindle a fire inside that will drive us onward and closer always to the Lord!


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