These Short Lives

The hope that faith in the Lord brings is that there is a future waiting for us all beyond these short earthly lives. Knowing this brings great peace of mind and even a sense of expectancy. Our God has tried to convey to us that what we will find in the eternal and heavenly realms will be far more satisfying and wonderful than anything we can imagine. We will have the highest pleasure and honor available to mankind, and that is to be ushered into the very presence of the Divine! The precious souls who hear of this prize and would like to experience meeting the Almighty will gladly lay down their earthly toys and dreams in exchange for their chance at the greater treasure. They will happily humble themselves and do what it takes to come to know the Lord as best they can today. They will let themselves hunger and thirst for their goal of having none other than the Unseen God as theirs for all eternity. They will also be willing to suffer in order to assure them of their chances. However, those who do not care to know God, those who are not interested in meeting Him, do not need to waste their time here. Their lives here on earth are way too short to spend concerning themselves with something they don´t really want. If God is not the One we are dying to spend eternity with, forever is not the place for us! It would be more like hell!


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