Guiding Our Every Step

There are so many variables that go into each day of living. We live in complex societies and busy lives. Some people love the confusion and hustle and bustle. Others reluctantly engage in it as their day requires. But many, go plodding through their schedules not knowing that there is One who could take each of these steps of this varied and hectic day with us. Jesus promised to send us a Helper. He had no intention of leaving us to go through one day nor these crazy lives feeling the weight on our shoulders alone. Yes, the Spirit of God is a mystical thing. Yes, the Holy Spirit is Someone we cannot see. Yes, it takes sometimes more than a small amount of faith to accept. But the truth is that Help is here! Some have found Him! Some have felt His presence and have pressed forward until they were able to count on His assistance. Once a person has experienced the movement of God in their lives, they are struck with awe at how Someone so wonderful is so close and yet others don´t care to know Him. Yet, it gives them the peace and strength that they need right in the moment and the amount that they need it. Wisdom and miracles come too as the Lord finds faithful hearts to receive Him. But the best of all is knowing we are not alone and that our Help is here to take each step with us today!


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