Only Those

There will in no way enter into it anything profane, or one who causes an abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life.  Revelation 21:27  WEB

The man at the immigration desk took her passport and examined it briefly. She had no cause to worry, she had her visa. Legally there was no reason she could not come into the United States. She was still nervous. The man was polite enough, but when he sent her to be questioned, her heart dropped. Why was she being treated like a criminal? Couldn´t they see that she was not the kind of person who could lie? Do we know that there is a place being prepared for us that only pure-hearted people will be allowed to enter?

It might be one of the most wonderful hopes to lean on in this lifetime. If we can set our hearts on coming to know the Lord, we can be ushered one day, not into a room to be interrogated, but to come into the presence of the Unseen God! There, near the Almighty, no one who has devious plans can enter. Nobody who hides things or lies will b allowed in. Cheating and selfish gain will be no more. That is the kind of place for us. Who would not choose to hope in a future without all that is evil? Let´s hope for the best! Let´s set our sights on reaching a place where pain and suffering are forgotten. If we are tired of living in times where nobody can trust anyone else, then let us learn all we can about the One who has a plan to do away with all that is wrong. We can invest in a relationship with the God of Love who went through the grave Himself to show us He cares for us. And then, we can live with hope today that all will be well real soon

Dear Lord,

Reassure our hearts that we can come close to You and live in Your presence where no more evil or pain can hurt us again. Draw us nearer each day to a life of love with You, we pray!



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