Miracles Missed

The naked human eye sees something and registers it in our brain as a single recognizable object. But once scrutinized under a microscope, fascinating new dimensions open up to us as we discover an amazing composition of cells, atoms, neutrons, quarks, and such. The Bible has long tried to lift our eyes above what we see and set the gaze of our lives, our souls, upon God. He in His magnitude and wonder cannot be examined under telescope nor microscope. Yet the Almighty effortlessly controls each detail within the known and unknown creation. We could clumsily blunder through our day and miss the marvels all around us. We can and often do miss seeing miracles that can never be explained to us apart from us getting to know the most incredible being. God is our Maker. He is our reason for being here, and for the few who will turn to Him, our purpose in life is to do just this. Shall we stop in our spinning universe today, and turn our attention to the Mind-blowing God who will never cease to amaze us? If we do, we will see the Lord at work all around and be astounded by His love and care!


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