Pursue The Promised Spirit

The times we live in are all marked by certain trends and in the realm of believers in God, we cannot escape having these trends. Unfortunately, right when we have the most resources and greatest amount of Biblical studies available to us, we somehow find ourselves without a strong and overpowering sensation of the Spirit of God moving freely amongst us. Christ came into the religious scene of His day to find people wrapped up in external worship rituals and strong doctrinal order. He cried for believers who would look beyond our world and seek a God that could not be neatly packed away in a way of living but moving powerfully within our hearts. He called for worshippers who wanted to walk through their day with God. After His death and resurrection, He sent His Spirit to guide, strengthen, and draw many men and women closer to our Heavenly Father. Yet, if we are not careful, the very Spirit that He promised to send to us and to fill us and walk us through every step of our lives, will be given to others who actually show that they want it. We can be the children of the promise. We can have the Spirit of God find our hearts ready and enter into us to move us and lead us Home. But, it won´t happen unless we go out of our way to seek Him. Let´s make being filled with God´s Spirit the most essential element of our day! Let´s put God in us before even the air we will breathe today!


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