Take Our Chance

Some will go through their day never realizing the chance they had to encounter God in our day. Some may even go a lifetime. But there are a few. There is a precious select group of people who have found a treasure that no words can explain. These peculiar individuals noticed a desire within their hearts to engage with God. They opened themselves to the possibility. It turned out to be more than they could have ever imagined. When mortal souls are suddenly made aware of the presence of God, it is instantly too much! All our senses come alive! Our firm grip on reality is shown to us to be so insufficient compared to all of God and His ways that sweep over us and carry us away. We realize that we are far too tiny vessels to fit so much information, feeling, or sensation into our frail unworthy souls. Yet, along with the fact that God is opening our awareness unto Him comes a hope that He will somehow sustain us through His grace! If not, why would He have bothered anyway in showing Himself to us? So, should we sense our chance today to draw near to the presence of the Lord, let us throw everything else down and take the opportunity. If we are not given the chance, pray that a Way is opened up for us! It will be the best rush and most mind-changing event of our lives!


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