A Desire So Intense

There are many different levels of desire. When we talk of God, we often say that we want to be close to Him or we want to be filled with His Spirit. But, far too often, our desire is less than we imagined and we are never sufficiently moved to do anything about it. It is high time we took our relationship with the Lord more seriously. Today is probably the day that decides what we will be like tomorrow. Where we stand with the Lord now as we consider Him here could and should send us running to Him. What will we do? If we give in to the call of the Holy Spirit, He will take us by the hand. If we let our hearts go out to God, He can draw us closer. If we put it off, we will lose out. So, let us pray for the kind of desire to be filled with God and His Spirit right now. Let´s resist the urge to shrug off our relationship any further. Let us hunger and thirst for more of the Lord! Let us seek Christ with such a passion, one that resembles the one that He had for us, that keeps us dying to be with Him! Pray determinedly for more of the Lord in our lives, it is the only way we will get it!


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