The River of Life

He showed me a river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb,  Revelation 22:1  WEB

The family got out of the car after a short drive of only about twenty-five minutes from their house. They followed a dusty trail through some farmland into a small valley. Suddenly though, the trail came to a sharp bend as a cliff dropped straight down into a canyon. There was a deep pool with a waterfall cascading into the green depths. After navigating the steeper trail to reach the bottom, they found the deep pool to be filled with cool clear water and a lot of fish. The adventurers had brought a picnic and they spent the rest of the afternoon leaping into the pool, swinging from a rope swing, and exploring that new and exciting stream. Do we know we may get to discover the most amazing river flowing from the throne of God?

In John´s description of Heaven, there is a river coming from the throne and the Lamb. We are told that it is crystal clear and is the water of life. This flow of life that comes directly from the Lamb of God can be something that we may experience for ourselves. Far more lasting than an afternoon of swimming or playing in it, we could enjoy this life flowing out unto us directly from our Savior. What a thrilling thing it will be to let what flows from our Lord wash over us, carry us along, and satisfy our thirsting souls. What a privilege it will be to find ourselves in the presence of the Divine and full in the flow of the Holy Spirit! May we all make it to that River of the Water of Life at the foot of the throne of God!

Dear Lord,

Lead us to the River of Spirit-filled Life that flows from Your throne. Let us come to be with You and enjoy Your presence, Your wonder, and Your love forever, we pray!



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