He Who Has Ears

Our Savior uses the expression “he who has ears, let him hear” fairly often when He tries to lift our focus above our earthly views and set our hearts on God´s ways. It is His way of showing that most people will not make the effort to look away from ourselves intently enough or for long enough to learn of God and what He is up to. This should hurt us when we realize that God sees into our hearts and finds few who care enough about Him to let Him instruct us or are at least willing to listen for His voice. It is true that many will brush off the thought that God could be whispering some pertinent message to us right now. But we cannot afford to waste time lamenting nor let our focus slip from the direction of God´s encouragement. We need to check ourselves often and meticulously. We need to drive hard after the prize set before us. The Lord has not fallen silent and there is a vital word from Him to each of us right now! We will never regret it if we take the warning and encouragement to heart and seek to have the kind of ears He is urging us to have! So, before we let this moment slip away, let us go running to the Lord, draw as close as the Spirit will allow, open our hearts and incline them to God. Let us pray that we are listening and will hear the sweet voice of the Spirit booming ever louder in the very ears of our souls!


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