The Harmful Religious Beliefs

There is a greater variety of different beliefs in religions than there are different religions. Opinions, speculations, interpretations, and numerous other words ending with “ions,” exist in abundance. Although variety is not all bad, the one area where we cannot afford to go wrong is where we stand with the God who put us here and went so far to restore us to an intimate relationship with Him. The whole point of Christianity is that, where we were before separated from God, is corrected and God´s children can finally return to Him. With the love and grace that we have been offered through the sacrifice of our Savior, now nothing should prevent us from drawing nearer to the Divine. It is heresy and we would be deceived if we were to think that we should not be growing closer to Him each day. We should be coming to know Him personally in ever awakening revelations as we turn our attention to Him fuller each day. Nothing should keep us from approaching the Lord in prayer, adoring Him, and experiencing a greater awareness of Him all the time. So, if we find that our doctrines or our religious customs are not bringing us into a vibrant and intimate walk with our God, then we have been tricked right out of our inheritance. Let us turn our lives around now. Let us repent of any distance between us and our Lord, and seek to walk closer with Him today than any day we ever have before!


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