Having It Made

Even good Christians can get so wrapped up in this world where we live that we measure our success on what we can gain here. However, Christians are different from the rest of the inhabitants of the world. In choosing to believe in God, we choose to believe that there is much more going on in Heavenly Realms than we can see with our earthly eyes. In God´s Kingdom, there are higher goals, there are higher morals, there is purer love and there is a completely separate system of value. Here we greedily seek money, fame, power, and ease. In God´s country, what is closer to Him ranks higher in value. All other gifts are dished out according to where they stand in nearness to the Giver. This is why the Father gave us His Son. Those whose hearts go out to Jesus find themselves closer to God´s great heart. The more time we spend with Christ, and the more of His Spirit that lives in us, the more valuable gifts God can shower us with. If we love supremely the One God loves supremely, then Heaven is growing inside of us. If we walk each moment of every day with the Son of God, then we are walking inside the will of the Father and headed closer to Him all the time! We don´t need earthly treasures to tell us that we have been blessed. We need a walk so intimate and so intense that the presence of God brings all the treasures we need.


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