Unrestrained Adoration

Some say that they believe there is a God. But His adorers? Where are they now? Instead of devoting ourselves to the task of defining ourselves or our religions, we should be working hard to step into the presence of the Almighty. If we could just humble ourselves and draw near enough to Christ, we could become a new breed of people. We would not need to categorize ourselves by our superior doctrinal training, our more correct decipherings of Scripture, nor our holier-than-others conduct. If more of us were willing to press on until we experienced the presence of God, it would show. One would easily see that we have met the Divine and have stood breathlessly before the God of Wonder. We would be distinguished by how much of His Spirit has poured over our hearts. We would be recognized by the limitless love that has radiated into our lives. And, with no hope of containing it, that love would then flow out onto those around us everywhere. We would be driven souls like moths before a light. Because we have found something in our God so unspeakably beautiful, and so inexplicably marvelous, we would come seeking more of the Lord each day as if we needed it for our very lives. If we could grow our love from whatever we feel from Him now, it could become something incredible! We can become the ones who adore God because He has touched us for real! Let´s pray for the kind of encounter with the Lord that will thrill us so much that the adoration that follows will shape the lives that we will live from now on!


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