Unrestrained Adoration

Step close to any magnificent waterfall and you may experience something spectacular. Often, long before you can see the cascade, you can hear its roar. As you approach you may become increasingly aware of the mist that floats into the surrounding air. The closer you come, the more the entire ambient seems to recognize the energizing power of what you will soon behold. If you make it to the foot of the falls, you may be drenched in heavy rain and the thunder may seem to penetrate your entire being. As we approach the Almighty God our experience may be similar in some respects. Although extremely exhilarating, no one can yet fathom how much more power and awe we will behold when we do finally break through to the foot of the Throne. Our love for God, our faith in Him, and all that we are as we approach the Mighty One, should sense the wonder and thrill of our immanent encounter. If we choose to make it important enough to make the great journey of the soul, we stand to experience such wonder and awe as cannot be described. Every step closer in faith will herald new and overwhelming discoveries and sensations. Our hearts overflow with love for all that God has done and still does for us. But, this love will surely grow for those who dare to drive forward in search of their encounter with the Divine! Press on, oh, venturous soul!


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