Know Of God Or Get To Know Him

There is a giant gap between knowing of God and getting to know Him. People throw around their views of God as if they were the experts. Because they have their chosen concepts that they call their belief, they charge right ahead and speak their opinions loudly. It is completely different, however, for the priceless few who have gone the distance to get to know Him. Those who left their comfort zone and traveled the lonely road of refusing to focus on themselves or our clamorous world will discover God in a Way that others could never imagine. As our focus shifts from ourselves as the highest priority and value, we begin to walk on sacred ground with the Divine. Only those prepared to let go of all that we like to think belongs to us here will stand a chance of gaining a privileged relationship with the Lord. But, if it is truly God whom we would know personally, He will be forever pleased to walk us through the steps of coming to know Him. Our religions are just speculations, opinions, interpretations, and impersonal doctrines until the Almighty moves in us and allows us into His presence in personal awareness. Those who press on in their desire to get to know God deliberately reject their precious “selves” and our world. But what they gain as they come to know the Lord is infinitely sweeter and of incomparably greater value!


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