Anything Less Than God

When we come together to worship God and take a look around at our gathering, what do we find? If we are trying to get by on just high emotions, excitement, correct doctrines, or even smooth-talking leaders, then we may need to become alarmed. If we go to church to feel part of a crowd, or to reach some higher standard of living, we may also need to evaluate our faith a little more. Even if we find that it has been a while since we have brought ourselves to the foot of the cross, we are in dire need to seek out the Savior of Our Souls. We should ask Him often to examine with us the true leanings of our hearts. People can and do come to religion for a million other reasons. But, if we care for Him, we will do everything we can to make sure that God is in every part of our story. We cannot afford to get wrong something that holds the weight of eternity for us and for those whose lives we touch. Deep under all our clamorous external qualities, our beings need to come into contact with the Lord. Some space needs to be made within our hearts and then adequately filled with the Spirit of God. When we come to worship, it should be to approach the throne of God! His presence should be easily and powerfully noted. If not, we are just playing at religion and haven´t taken our worship of Him far enough to bring us unto Him! Let us roll up our sleeves and see to it that the Lord is in our midst from now on!


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