The Best Investment

Our earthly lives fly by so quickly that we should seriously consider how we invest our time and effort. We could work feverishly all our days for acknowledgment, esteem, power, or wealth. We can push and pull or kick and fight our way to the top of any and every ladder that exists. But when the curtain draws closed on our earthly scene, we will surely see the vanity in it all. What stands forever as our true merit in this world and the next will rest firmly on how closely we knew and walked with the Giver of this gift we call life. We can downplay it as much as we like, but it will never remove our obligation to the One who put that spark in us and gave His own life in payment for ours. However, if we can open our hearts to the love of God, then we can make friends with the Maker of the Stars. We could lay down these hearts of stone and be given ones that yearn to know and experience Him more! Once a mortal actually steps close enough to the Divine, their lives can change forever! When we fall breathlessly before the Almighty and the realization of His presence sweeps over us, no other thrill or goal will ever compare! We will hunger and we will thirst for more of the Holy Spirit the more we walk with Him! Let us start investing in what is most valuable. Let us seek our encounter with the Lord of All and strive to grow closer to Him every day!


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