No Curse Anymore

There will be no curse any more. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants serve him.  Revelation 22:3  WEB

All of her friends had grown up, got jobs, got married, and bought their houses. Yet, this woman felt like she had been carrying around a curse. She too had started working, got married and had her children. Her curse, however, was that she was never in a place where she could buy her house. They had spent years renting homes and moving around. She was tired of it all and could not understand why everyone else seemed to have theirs, but the house? When would things change? Then, one day, the curse was lifted. The woman finally got to buy a house. She was so happy! Can we imagine how happy we will be one day soon when our curse is lifted?

The hope of the believer in Christ is that He will return for us soon. The curse that we have carried around for generations will be done away with. Our curse was turning from the will of God. He wanted to enjoy us all these years, but we willingly separated ourselves from Him by choosing to go our own way. Jesus has paid the ransom for us. The curse will soon be lifted. Now only a short time is left while the number of those who will choose God is being worked out. The blessed ones who turn to the Lord will be ushered into His presence. He will be their God and they will live with Him. We will have our house and the curse that lies on us will soon be gone. If we would like to know what joy can soon be ours, let us turn these hearts to the loving God who made us and redeemed us! Forever will be a perfect amount of time to revel in our relationship with the Divine!

Dear Lord,

Let us turn our hearts to You now so that we may be made worthy of coming to live with You forever, we pray!



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